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Planning & Strategy

Effective PPC and SEO Campaigns require in-depth planning with realistic goals and a detailed plan of all the steps which will be required to accomplish for a business. The geeks at Advertise180 always take on marketing with the goal to dominate competition of our clients and develop a path to become a market leader. We have a proven track record for revenue growth upon implementation of our all-in-one marketing solutions.

Search Engine Optimization

When we do SEO, we do it different. People are searching for your services or product using different keyword variations. You need to assure that you are visible on the first page of these searches in order to capture their business. Without visibility, you will not have a chance to gain this business. We believe in targeting a larger volume of keywords from short-tail to long-tail phrases and growing the popularity of a business website with white-hat SEO strategies, such as high page rank backlinks, link wheels, link pyramids, quality content distribution, and developing a strong web presence.

Pay Per Click

PPC is addicting for those businesses who use it. Quite simply, it can provide instant new business and has the ability to turn businesses in a 180 degree turn overnight. Proper PPC campaigns require efficiency, ongoing expansion, targeting for conversion rates, optimization for revenue growth, and are oriented to dominate competition. Without such strategies, ppc campaigns that are not properly optimized can result in an extreme waste of dollars and ineffective results.

Local Maps Optimization

Local Listings and Maps Listings typically take up over 30% of a search results page. If your business is not optimized to dominate your local listings and maps listings, it will be near impossible to capture the potential business of those visitors who are visually enticed to immediately view such listings. Optimization must always be ongoing and performed correctly in order to take the lead against competitor businesses.

On-Page Optimization

An effectively optimized website requires: a short keyword rich website address, seo-friendly sub-URLs, title tags with strong keywords, engaging multimedia to increase user times on your website, outbound links to related pages with high relevancy, a predominant source of quality information, keyword friendly content, headline and multimedia tags, ultra-fast loading speeds with compressed files, fast hosting service, social sharing widgets, lengthy content, image optimization, and more.

Analytics Reporting

Detailed analytics data on your marketing and website is key to continued optimization and for revenue conversions. Alongside reporting of your marketing stats, analytics will provide key data to show: which campaigns bring in the most traffic, which campaigns result in more conversions, what is driving revenues, the location of your best visitors, the keywords resulting in the most conversions, the ads leading to the most conversions, your visitor’s activity on your website, the demographics of your visitors, and more.

Call & Lead Tracking

43% of all search related conversions occur via telephone and 65% of businesses consider phone calls as their most value quality source for new customer leads. Marketing effectively means tracking those calls back to the specific campaigns, keywords, and ads that triggered them. With this data, smarter marketing decisions can be made on guiding your advertising in the direction which grows the most revenues.

Display Banner Ads

Display marketing comes in several forms, including banner ads, interactive rich media, images, audio, video, or even text-based ads to communicate an advertising message to a large audience so brand messages can be conveyed to influence again and again. Considering the lower cost of display advertising and the potential return to driving significant volume of traffic to your business website, display ads can be counted on as an important element in a multi-channel marketing campaign.


A clever way to re-connect with visitors who were on your website, but did not make a purchase, lead, or call (a conversion). By re-targeting your ads in front of this defined audience, you will help to re-establish your brand and re-engage with an enticing advertising banner, message, interactive ad, or auto-generated email to gain another opportunity for monetization. This method generally varies from a 30 to 90 day period of re-targeting ads and has been proven as a highly effective factor to increase conversion rates for revenue growth.

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  • Our marketing campaigns are all-inclusive, not a la carte. We simply don’t believe that marketing can be effective for a business as a piece-meal option.
  • All marketing campaigns involve minimal work from you and are launched fast immediately once you select an Advertise180 All-In-One Package.
  • We don’t market to just market. We strongly believe in effective advertising that works to drive customers and grow revenues.

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Let the results speak for themselves!

  • We don’t use contracts and don’t require commitments from you. We believe in performance satisfaction and transparency. All marketing work is month-to-month, fully transparent, and focused on revenue growth. Once we impress you with our work, we strive to amaze you with our service!
  • Our marketing platforms concentrate on conversion rates + revenue tracking in order to calculate your return on investment. We continually implement in-depth optimization strategies, which surpass marketing standards, to ensure that advertising dollars are more utilized toward the marketing which has driven revenues!

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