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Mobile Searches Have Increased Over 200%

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Over 60% of the U.S. population uses mobile search and Google is now punishing businesses without mobile-friendly or dedicated mobile websites!

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Mobile Search Statistics

Why is it a good idea for New Jersey businesses to invest in mobile SEO PPC website internet marketing? Of the American population: 60% use mobile search; 58% have a smartphone; 42% have tablets; 61% use mobile click-to-call features; mobile searches have increased over 200% year to year, and mobile search is expected to surpass desktop search in 2015.

Feature-Loaded Mobile Sites

Having a website that is mobile friendly is simply not enough these days. Dedicated mobile sites must be oriented to convert visitors to leads, calls, and revenues. They must keep visitors engaged, establish brand recognition, and encourage an action which leads to conversions.

Business App Development

Business Apps help to provide an edge over competition, an additional method of conveying your business message, build relationships with customers, establish brand loyalty, circulate promotional offers, networking abilities, social sharing abilities, generate new leads/calls, generate new sales, push notifications to phones, reward loyal customers, and more.

Mobile Search Engine Marketing

Dedicated mobile marketing campaigns include: Mobile Search Engine Optimization; Mobile Pay Per Click Management; Mobile Local/Maps Optimization; Mobile Ratings & Review Management; Mobile Website Optimization; Mobile Apps Integration; Social Media Integration; and more.

Mobile Revenue Tracking

We don’t just market on mobile for the sake of it, we market to gain conversions which translate to revenues. Any marketing investment, whether performed on a desktop or on a mobile device, should be calculated to determine a return on investment, with revenue tracking in place to guide the marketing of a business 180° into the direction of growth.